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Lactation Specialist - Childbirth Educator - Birth Doula - Infant Massage Instructor
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Welcome to A Special Bond!

Lactation Consultant - Lamaze Childbirth Educator - Birth Doula - Infant Massage

A Special Bond is a philosophy on its own. In my experience, parents want to have a special bond with their children. I am proud to help parents achieve that goal.

A Special Bond currently offers four different services, each helping parents in their own way to acheive a bond with their children: Lactation Consultation, Childbirth Education, Birth Doula services, and Infant Massage services.

My sole purpose is to help you and your family set and achieve your goals. Whether you are parents-to-be, a single mom-to-be, life-partners, or if you already have little munchkins running around, you want a special bond with your children, and I can help.

Within this website you will find additional, detailed information about the various services offered. Please, allow yourself a few minutes to take a look around. If there is any information you cannot find, or any questions that were not answered, feel free to contact me.